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  • I got divorced. It just didn't work out.
  • I did a major overhaul to the server. Contact me if you have issues. I couldn't migrate most of the accounts as is.
  • I got married!!! It happened on Feb 14th 2008. Her name is Janene and our daughter Taylor. Link to come soon.
  • Please be friendly when downloading. Don't download more than one thing at a time or I'll suspend you!
  • EEGOD will not support FTP anymore 12-12-06 . SFTP will be supported soon. Check the help page for info on using SFTP..
  • EEGOD will no longer support non secure logins. You no longer need to accept the site certificate manually. The site now has a valid SSL cert.
  • I updated the web mail program 12-10-06. Check out some of its new features.
  • I added a new Web based Email server. You can continue to use the old one if you like. The link is below.
  • I fixed the Search pages!!!
  • I added several anti-spam filters to the site email system.
  • Upcoming Birthdays (Next 21Days) --- Happy Birthday:
    Elyssa Evans July 29 27 years old!
    Happy Labor Day
    Happy Labor Day

    Old Web Mail Program

    EEGOD is running Ubuntu Linux on an Intel Core i7-9700K processor 3.6Ghz Server with 64 Gigabytes of RAM and over 10 Terabytes of drive space.

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